From this page you can download the Rally Book to your iPad, iPhone, or Smart Phone. 

The file can be read in various ways, probably the best reader to use is iBooks.

 If you do not have this it can be downloaded free from the app store.

To get the rally book onto your iPad/iPhone:


1.   Log on to the App Store and download iBooks to your iPad/ iPhone.


2.   Login to the Centre website using your iPad or iPhone or other device. 



3.   Click on the download icon on the right (a new browser window will open).





4.   Once downloaded page will open and display as follows. Select the option open in iBooks.




5.   Rally book will load into iBooks and appear on the bookshelf for future reference.

       If you can not see the book on the bookshelf ensure that you have PDF selected  under the "collections" tab.


6.   Or simply download the file and open on any platform using Adobe Reader.