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What is a Rally?

There are so many misconceptions.    It certainly has nothing to do with racing around a track, or as one person thought, walking round 'van to 'van viewing the displayed interiors!

It is just an informal gathering of Caravan Club members, at a variety of venues, promoting friendship with like minded people and pursuing common pleasures, pastimes and sports in a light hearted manner. We always enjoy a natter, having a few laughs and perhaps a drink or two, and itís a real opportunity to make new friends.


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  • Are you interested?
     Yes, we know its hard to make the first move, but be assured you'll be given a warm welcome when you attend a rally with the Leicestershire Centre. Give it a try and your weekends will never be the same again!! If you have any questions not covered here, please send an email. (email addresses are to be found by clicking on the Committee button)