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Centre Registration

A reminder to you all, that your Leicestershire Centre registration is valid for one year only. It is NOT automatic. To continue your registration to the Centre you must inform East Grinstead, each time your Caravan Club membership is due. This is regardless of how you pay your membership subscription, this can be done either by sending the Centre Registration Advise slip by post, logging details online on the Caravan Club website or by phone 01342 3188813.

The Caravan Club give us funding for each registration they receive so you can see how important it is to our Centre.

There is a button on the First Page which takes you straight to the Caravan Club website to do this.

Leicestershire Centre Rules

These are to be found in your Rally Handbook, or can be accessed through the on-line flip book.  (Pages 54 - 56 in the 2016 book)

AGM Photographic Competition 2016


All entries must be taken between AGM 2015 and AGM 2016. 

Photographs must not exceed 7” x 5 and should be unmounted with any white borders removed. Photos can be digitally or professionally processed. 

Your Name and Category MUST be displayed on the back. NB They will NOT be accepted if not as above. 

Judging by popular vote will take place during the AGM Rally.

1. The Leslie Dalby Cup is for adult entries only.      
  Members are invited to submit up to THREE entries per category up to a maximum of TEN photographs per person.
  Within this competition there are five categories:
  General             –    Photos can be of any subject.
  Caravanning –    Any aspect of Caravan Club caravanning.
  Portrait –    A photo of 1 – 4 people looking at the camera
  Natural World –    Plants, Animals etc. i.e. anything not covered by ‘Scenic’.


2. Just for Fun for both adults and children.
  A humorous photo with or without a caption which will not be judged and no prize will be awarded. If you wish to add a caption you may mount your photo.


3. The Alfred Chapman Cup for colour prints taken by children of members 16 years old and under who may submit up to THREE entries each.   There are no categories in this section.
4. The Gina Hooper Grandchild Award for colour prints taken by grandchildren of members who are 16 years old and under who may submit up to THREE entries each.  There are no categories in this section.

       The Rules

 a)  All photos must have been taken by the entrant and be clearly marked on the back of with name of the entrant, the category.

 b)   Photos must NOT be mounted.

 c)    Photos must be no larger than 7" x 5"

 d)    Entrants must be amateurs, that is, they must not be professionally connected with photography in any form.

 e)    The Leslie Dalby Cup for adults will be judged by adults only.

  f)   The Just for Fun category will not be judged and no prizes awarded. If you wish to add a caption you may mount your photo.  

 g)    Judging for the Alfred Chapman Cup and Gina Hooper Grandchild Award will be by children only

 h)    Children cannot enter into both the Alfred Chapman Cup and Gina Hooper Grandchild Award.  If children have parents and grandparents within the    Leicestershire Centre Caravan Club then they enter the Alfred Chapman Cup.  If they are grandchildren visiting/accompanying grandparents they can only enter the Gina Hooper Grandchild Award

   i)    Photographs will be judged by members/family members attending the AGM Rally.

   j)    For the Leslie Dalby Cup, each individual can enter up to three entries per category up to a total of TEN pictures.

  k)    All entries must with the Social Secretary or competition organiser as soon as possible on arrival at the AGM rally.

   l)    Judging will take place during Saturday afternoon of the rally.

 m)    Plaques will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each of the above classes.

  n)    The cups will be held for 12 months and returned for annual competition.

  o)    Winners Places will be announced at flag during the AGM rally.

  p)    The overall winner of the Leslie Dalby Cup, Alfred Chapman Cup and Gina Hooper Cup will be announced at the AGM meeting.

  q)    All winning photos will be displayed at the AGM.

  r)     The Leslie Dalby Cup is to be awarded to the Best Photo (that is the photograph that receives the most nominations within the above categories within the adult competition).  In the event of a tie, the current Chairman will choose one of the tellers at the AGM to choose the winning photo. 

  s)    The Chairman's decision is final



Social Media - Facebook

The Leicestershire Centre Facebook page is designed to promote friendships and shared interests within the Centre, and it is hoped that anybody who has any real grievance will conduct it in a responsible way by private email, phone, or by talking to the person or persons concerned. The Centre's Facebook page is not an appropriate place to air negative comments.

Click for full details of the SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY which comes as a directive from Caravan Club Headquarters.


Heating at Socials

The only form of heating at socials & other events will be provided by the club itself. So please do not take any form of heating to a social.