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  Old John's Vital Statistics

Height above sea level -  690ft

Height of Tower -               33ft

Circumference of Tower -  64ft

Diameter of the Tower -    21ft

Thickness of the walls - 2ft 6in

Height of the 'Handle' -     18ft

Width of the 'Handle'  -     17ft

Built in 1784 it is one of Leicestershire's highest points.

On a good day Boston Stump can bee seen, which is 50 miles away.


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The Windmill



The Racecourse



The Bonfire



The Stable


  Old John Tower  

'Old John' is Leicestershire's best known landmark and stands in Bradgate Park. Bradgate House was the home of Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen and if you visit the park have a look at the ancient trees. It is said that when the Queen was beheaded all the trees were also beheaded in mourning.


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