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Sporting Awards 2016

The John Evans Cup,  Luke Hodson, Kenzie Kitching, Owen Ward
                                          and Max White


The Leslie Gibbins Cup,  Rebecca Hodson and Caitlin Hurst


The Anderson Toddler Award,  Fred Woolley


The Roy Folland Cup,  Not awarded in 2016


The Ray Twyford Memorial Trophy,  Kasey Chapman and Rosie Franklin


The Barbara Arthur Boules Trophy,  Christina and Keith Greatwood


The Derek Weston Memorial Award, Aimee Simpson

Motor Sports Awards 2016
The Don Renwick Trophy,  Phil Hodson
The Jean Stratton Trophy, Linda Mott
 The Leicester Award, Mark Franklin
The Righton Family Shield, No entrant in 2016

October 2016

Photographic Competition

Winner of the Leslie Dalby Cup, Gary Brewin

Winner of the Alf Chapman Cup, Lauren Hurst

Winner of the Gina Hooper Grandchild Award, No entrants in 2016